Fundraising Ideas

We have some ideas to help you maximise your fundraising impact and make a real difference to mental health outcomes right across Canada.

Stay motivated and boost your donations

Doing push-ups is not the only challenge. We also need to raise funds to help more people recover from mental illness and foster positive mental health outcomes in Canada. Your donations will assist the Canadian Mental Health Association to deliver programs, services and supports that address Canada's most pressing mental health priorities.

Set a fundraising goal

Be ambitious and keep trying to reach your target. Letting people know what your goal is could inspire them to help you reach it. 

Donate to your page

Show you are committed to your goal by making a donation. This will encourage others to follow suit. People who donate to themselves are more likely to raise additional donations.

Share your story

Why are you pushing for better mental health? Let your friends, family and colleagues know why you’re taking on the challenge and what it means to you, so they are inspired to donate.


Make it a team effort

Get your friends, family, co-workers, or gym buddies together and start a team to increase your reach.


Workplace gathering

Get your co-workers and workplace involved by hosting a workplace gathering. This an opportunity to recruit team members for the challenge, start a mental health conversation and share your fundraising message.

Workplace dollar matching 

Find out if your workplace is willing to offer dollar matching. Lots of companies like to rally behind their employees and show their support by matching the funds raised.


Use our resources

Take advantage of our useful resources to help spread the word about your fundraiser. You'll find posters, social media tiles, display screens for your workplace and more.


Thank your supporters

Make sure you thank your supporters. All it takes is a simple message on your social media posts to encourage more people to donate.