Push with us in 2024

Be part of the push for better. Get your friends and family together to improve your physical and mental health.

Push together

Sign your team up for an unforgettable mental health and fitness event.  

The Push-Up Challenge is a unique, fun way for groups of friends and family to achieve better mental health and wellbeing through connection, physical activity and education.

Prioritising not only the physical but mental health of your people will be one of the best things you can do this year.

Getting involved is easy

  • It's free to sign up
  • The event is open to all ages and abilities 
  • Exercise alternatives are welcome
  • No equipment needed

Register interest

The Push-Up Challenge is a unique way to engage people in mental health

  • Runs over 23 days in February
  • 2,000 push-ups in total, representing the 20% of Canadians who experience mental illness each year.
  • Get fit
  • Learn about mental health
  • Fundraise for the Canadian Mental Health Association (optional, but a great chance to make a difference)

Each day, you'll bank your push-ups on our app (or via the website)

  • See each daily push-up target
  • Bank (log) your push-ups
  • See how others in your team are going
  • Read the daily mental health facts
  • Download it from app stores (iPhone and Android)

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How it works

People can sign up solo or as part of a team. If your group has multiple teams, you can join them together to form a community.

This is a collection of teams. These are great for large groups of friends and families.

Up to 10 people can join together to form a team.

Solo participant
Anyone can sign up as a solo participant - and you’ll have the support of the entire push-up crew behind you.