Make an impact

Every dollar you raise will help the Canadian Mental Health Association support the recovery and resilience of the 20% of Canadians who will experience a mental illness each year.

About the Canadian Mental Health Association

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) delivers community programs, services, and resources to help people living with mental illness, as well as preventing mental ill-health and promoting positive mental health and resilience.

CMHA identifies and responds to Canada’s most pressing mental health priorities on both a national and grassroots level. At a national level, they push for nationwide system and social change. At a community level, millions of people in Canada rely on CMHA’s extensive grassroots presence for mental health programs and services.

How your donation makes an impact

Here is how your donations and fundraising for CMHA will improve mental health outcomes across Canada.

Changing the system

CMHA advocates for a mental health care system that takes care of everyone – no matter who, no matter where, and no matter what.

Delivering community mental health services

CMHA offers a variety of programs, services and supports from 330 community locations across Canada. This includes mental health education and promotion, patient navigation, suicide prevention, youth and campus mental health services, peer support, addiction services, eating disorder services, employment and housing supports and more.

Shaping social change

CMHA works to influence behaviour in key settings, such as schools, workplaces and communities, to create a climate of acceptance and to foster social change. They change the way people understand mental health, and how they get care.

Other ways you can make an impact...

Reduce the stigma

With every push, you are helping reduce the stigma around mental ill-health. Spread the word about the challenge and why you have chosen to participate to make an even bigger impact.

Inspire others

Encourage others to join you in pushing for better, so they can improve their physical and mental wellbeing, learn about mental health and help make a difference, too.

Start a conversation

Use the mental health facts you learn throughout the challenge to start a conversation about mental health.

Are you ready?