How it works

Follow these simple steps to get involved in The Push-Up Challenge


Registrations are now closed for The Push-Up Challenge 2024. Click below to register your interest for future events.

Join the challenge

When registrations open, you can take on the challenge on your own or create a team. Teams help build motivation and healthy competition. For groups of more than 10 people, we suggest you create a community (a collection of teams). These work well for workplaces, gyms, schools and clubs, or big groups of friends.

Start pushing

Once the event begins, you'll be challenged to complete a set number of push-ups over a set number of days. The total number of push-ups varies each year, and correlates with an important mental health fact to keep you motivated along the way.

You'll receive a different daily target on each day of the event which correlates with a mental health fact, so you can learn while you push for better mental health. You can substitute push-ups with alternative exercises, or aim for a smaller portion of the target if the full target is too challenging.


Whilst fundraising is an optional part of this event, we do encourage it. In 2024, participants raised funds for the Canadian Mental Health Association who support people living with mental illness, as well as prevent mental ill-health and promote mental health and resilience for all Canadians.

Why take on The Push-Up Challenge?

  • Get fit and challenge yourself
  • Learn about mental health
  • Feel more connected by being part of something bigger
  • Make a difference by helping raise mental health awareness and reduce the stigma
  • Fundraise for the Canadian Mental Health Association to make an even bigger difference.  

Go solo or with your friends

You can sign up solo, as part of a Team or as part of a larger Community.

This is a collection of Teams. Great for large workplaces, schools, gyms, clubs, colleges or universities.

Gather your friends and family together to form a Team. Great for groups of up to 10 people.

Anyone can sign up as a solo participant. You'll have the support of the entire push-up community behind you.